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Weird Sensations

Does anyone experience weird vibrations maybe even electrical sensations through out your body? It's hard to explain but it kind of the same feeling your body has after using a leaf blower or electric sander. That numb vibrating feeling. It drives me crazy! My throat goes numb, I feel it in my face, back, front, arms and,legs. What is this? Anyone know? It scares me!
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I didn't have that specific set of symptoms, but that is also part of the Lyme game:  not everyone gets the same symptoms, which confuses the less-aware docs, who are *very* keen on having everything line up.  The tingling etc. is not uncommon, just not the same in everyone.  The day before I went to see my Lyme doc each time, I would sit down for a half hour and think about the days since my last appointment, and make a list of what was the same and what was different, whether something new popped up or something old went away or stayed.  A good doc will know what to make of these events.  Hang on!  Keep us posted, okay?  :)
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Thank you so much, I go to a new doctor March 3 I will get some results this time
Keep us posted!
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I will.....:)
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Yes! I have these same symptoms. My doctor thought it was MS until and MRI showed no lesions or nerve impingement. However these Sx for me became so severe at one point that they did show up on a in office neuro exam. Thankfully they have subsided since then on their own. For me they behaved exactly like MS, coming in episodes of about a month and in specific sides of body. The doc I saw believes this is babesia causing this problem with the nervous system. Now i search for treatment.

Lyme or co infection can cause what you have. You aren't alone.
Katya, it is almost none stop for a month now. It eases up maybe an hour if I'm lucky then starts back lasting up to two hours at the time. Hands, feet, throat, face, torso, pretty much my entire body. It scares me!
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Oh yes.  What started as mild on/off tingling turned into constant strong tingling, which then progressed to itching and even burning sensations.  I'd say my whole body was "a buzz" with such issues for a couple of years.  Thankfully, treatment and time took care of this for me.
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