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Weird feeling/attacks?!!

Okay, these weird "attacks" I keep getting are totally disrupting my quality of life.  I'd say they are one of my biggest problems to date.  They kind of resemble low blood sugar attacks, but they aren't.  I get really shaky, weak, and kinda jittery and jumpy.  It's almost like I've had too much caffeine.  They come on suddenly and totally wipe me out.  I've been getting several a day.    WHAT ARE THESE???  I asked my LLMD and he didn't supply me with much info.  He just told me to eat smaller meals more often.  Well I have and it doesn't help.

the more I and researching, I've read other lymies get these same "attacks".  I think it may have something to do with Adrenal problems which I've read are common on Lyme.  Does anyone know much about this??  

I asked my GP to test my adrenals and she said my symptoms don't match.  But I think they do.  She ordered a morning cortisol test,  but I haven't been able to get in early enough to do it.  I think I'll have my LLMD run some tests on it next appt to.    I really think if these would go away or lessen I'd feel A LOT better.

Anyways, I'm hoping someone can help with this.
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I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. I wish I could help you in this area. Have you spoken with LLMD about your concerns with this issue.

What about having a glucose fasting test done. That can be done by the gynoclogist.

I hope that bit of info helps somewhat.

Let me know how you make out. :)

I'm here for you. JKV
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are you taking a good vitamin and mineral supplement - your 'shaky/jittery' episodes could be low magnesium  - perhaps talk to doc. about vit/mins. levels.

Just a thought - magnesium is good to treat muscle spasms etc;
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It could just be anxiety and/or panic attacks. I get them and they are horrible. My adrenals are always on overdrive. Usually there is no trigger and they just happen. Occasionally they happen because of worrying or I feel a heart arrhythmia (very scary). I'm currently on tranquilizers because my anxiety/panic can feel so severe that I end up in the hospital. They say it can't kill me, but my heart can race nearly 200 bpm because of it. Anxiety can bring on many physical symptoms that are very real and debilitating.

When you feel like this just try to relax and reassure yourself you are fine. As gorbybelle said above, a good quality magnesium supplement could help you relax through these episodes. Abdominal breathing helps me, so if you get an attack, give that a try. If you are anxious, you will notice you are breathing shallow, and that just makes the problem worse.

From my experience I don't believe anxiety is just a mental illness. I think when your body chemistry is off balance, that alone can cause anxiety. My anxiety is wayyyy more physical than mental.
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I agree with the recommedation to try magnesium supplements.  I read that either magnesium malate or magnesium citrate (or any one ending in '-ate') is best absorbed, but I don't know that for sure.  I take either one.

Try it for a week and then see if you are better, and let us know how you do.  (Lyme bugs love magnesium and tend to gobble it up so your body doesn't have enough, and it affects heart beat regularity as well as muscle twitches and mood and other things too, because the chemical that carries messages to the muscle cells [heart, gut, etc] is magnesium.)
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I can offer no suggestions, but I think I have a good idea of the feeling.  A sudden feeling of "inner weakness", makes you wonder if you're about to have a heart attack.  It's almost as though some electromagnetic force has you in its grasp.  You're hesitant to move, but if you have to for some reason, find that you can.  It's as though your insides are momentarily cut off from your autonomic nervous system.  It doesn't last long, those that I experienced lasted less than a minute.  In fact, I think I sent my mom an email trying to describe them.  I've not had any of them for awhile.  RFW47's theory sounds plausible.  Seems like it would take a very large amount of an infectious agent to do it though.  In my case, I was indeed packing a very large number of mycoplasmas.  
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I'm having this symptom and its horrible, did the magnesium work for anyone?
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I don't know if you are still on here, but I would like to hear what your outcome was.
I too have the same episodes.  They appear to be low blood sugar, but they are not.  
I am fine one minute and then I start to slow like a wind up toy winding down.  To the point where everything slows to a stop.  I can't walk, when I try to it is like walking through mud and I look drunk.  Someone has to get me into a chair.  People walking past me look like tunnel vision.  Sounds get amplified and painful.  I am too weak to speak or communicate.  It keeps me hostage for almost an hour.  I can feel it lift.  But it leaves me exhausted for hours, days, weeks.
It is very scary.  I get extremely dizzy and I can also have spasms in my head at the same time.  
It happens when I am doing too much, when I am walking, either in the grocery store or outside mostly
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