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What is the best treatment for later stage Lyme?

It turns out I have been infected with Lyme disease for more than six months now and have been on doxy for a couple weeks but am not sure it's working, still have persisting late stage symptoms. Any suggestions for antibiotics to use (of course to be verified by a practitioner) though it seems as there isn't exactly a strong consensus on treatment. Natural meds alternatively I am interested in, but it seems pharmaceuticals are the hot topic. Thanks for any help.
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From what I have learned from doctors and other Lymies, if you have had lyme over 6 months the doxy will not work alone. If you get the book by Dr M, why can’t I get better he lists what antibiotics go with Doxy that cross the brain barrier. The bugs  by instinct cross the blood brain barrier and go through out your body.
FYI, i use to be on this site answering guestions but moved to the Facebook Lyme Community for many years. Now I am back on the request of an LLND
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I was diagnosed with late stage  Lymes disease in 1992....So I have learned how to treat myself.It never goes away because they hide and can lay dormant for years, but the good news is it gets better and you can live life....Do this..You will be glad you did..Order you someACS colloidal silver....It is made into such small particles it penetrates the cell....It kills lyme spirochetes in 8 minutes...….I do great as long as I use it....I don't even have to use it every day now.Just a couple times a week and I stay pretty goodBut you will have a herxheimer reaction  once in a while because it kills them.....Its amazing stuff.Read up on it.It is ACS 200 colloidal silver...
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