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What's up with this?

I have been feeling less than average the last couple days.  Been feeling nauseous and just not very good.  Well yesterday I began having some issues with uhhh passing urine.  Not sure where this came from.  My kidneys were one of my few organs that I did not have any issues with.  Not going to go running to the ER or anything like that, but when should I become concerned?  I can still get some to come out at times, but not nearly enough.  It doesn't burn or anything, just have a lot of pressure and the urge.  Feel like I could bust.  

Anyone have any suggestions?  Ideas?  Or similar experiences?  
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Could it be a urinary tract infection?

I get those a ton (before the Lyme, I don't know why, I'm just prone to them or something).

I always feel sick and nauseous with them. I believe those are some of the major symptoms with them.  And you get the urge like you really have to pee but cannot.  Even if you DO go, it always feel like you have to and I get the pressure down there too.  

Mine have not always burned when I went either.

I can't be certain this is what's wrong but it seems like you have a lot of the symptoms.
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I'm not willing to say definitively that Lyme disease is the cause of your urinary retention but.....it should be considered.

"We observed that the urinary tract may be involved in 2 respects in the course of Lyme disease: 1) voiding dysfunction may be part of neuro-borreliosis and 2) the spirochete may directly invade the urinary tract."

From Pubmed article #8540796

There are other Pubmed articles of the same type speaking to Lyme.

But----- there CAN be other causes, so a trip to an urologist might be in order.

"Etiology and management of urinary retention in women"
PMCID: PMC 2938548
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Speaking from my own experience and others in different support groups, our experience is from Lyme.

I have that same feeling. I would see a doctor if you get burning and are not able to pass urine at all.
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I've had both urinary hesitation (most likely due to Lyme) and an almost symptomless UTI while I had Lyme.

The difficulty voiding is a fairly common symptom in MS, and many of my neuroborreliosis symptoms mimicked MS.  I had it for a couple months, and I'm confident it was from Lyme.

But, there was another time when I was just feeling crummy. I happened to have a physical exam and a standard urine test showed I had a UTI.  I was surprised.  The only symptom I could say I had was that it felt like my bladder was really full, but when I went, it was only about half full.  The inflammation of the infection makes your bladder feel fuller than it really is.

Your GP should be able to do a basic urine test and culture to see if you have  UTI and if so, which antibiotic you need for it.  If you don't have a UTI, then it's probably a passing Lyme symptom.
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Wow, thanks for all of the excellent responses!

I sort of suspected that I may have a UTI, but I wasn't really sure if maybe antibiotics could possibly take a toll on the kidneys overtime.  I know occasionally the liver can be effected and the GI tract, but I wasn't sure about the kidneys.  This new issue is just odd for me.  I didn't realize that Lyme could cause that as well, so thanks for the heads up on that.        
I had UTIs all of the time when I was pregnant many years ago, and I never had any signs.  

I sort of mentioned it to doc, but I haven't went into detail yet.  I just mentioned that I was real nauseated and wasn't feeling real well.  That was  prior to the urinary issues.  I don't like to sound like a big baby bothering doc all the time, but I never really know when to take something serious.  I was just thinking it may pass.  
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