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Wondering if I have a tick borne disease

I have been suffering from severe tiredness no matter how much sleep. My feet and ankles swell during the day and become so large I can't wear shoes and have difficulty walking. I have joint pain all over that is moderate to severe depending on the day and level of activity, I feel like I have flu (w/o congestion)..... A few weeks ago my left ankle swelled and I had inflamed rash that was very painful to touch.... It was impossible to put weight on the ankle...  It lasted only 24 hours. I went to see a doctor, he started me on antibiotics while we wait for my blood tests to come back.... The antibiotic has helped. I missed one dose and all of my symptoms returned tenfold. My biggest issue is I never found a tick..... And my rash did not have a noticeable Bullseye .... My job is demanding and taking off because of weakness, pain & loss of concentration is not an option.
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I definitely would pursue lyme if the antibiotics are helping. I have not yet been able to try any my self. Still must wait 6 months for an LLMD

Did you have any testing fro lyme yet?
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You can ask to be put on the doc's cancellation list ... tell them how much lead time you need to get to their office, and ask that they call you when a slot opens up, or if they can recommend another doc nearby.  Take care!
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I never had a rash so was misdiagnosed 25 years. You need to get more abx if you regular doctor can't give you at least another month of antibiotics then I would see an LLMD, Lyme literate Doc. This is no joke, take it from me, it can turn chronic and make your like miserable as it has done for me.
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PS  You don't say what state or area you live in ... if you would let us know something like "near St Louis, Missouri", we might have some suggestions for you of how to find a Lyme specialist in your area, if your current doc isn't familiar with Lyme.  Hang in there, and keep us posted, okay?
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