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Zithromax Warning

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It drives me crazy how the media breathlessly reports that this old and widely used drug might kill you, even though it's a very remote possibilitty, but they pay no attention to the long list of contradictions about Lyme disease that result in tens of thousands of people suffering needlessly.

Don't get me wrong...this is an important warning and it needs to be communicated. It seems wise for patients with known heart problems or low magnesium or potassium to skip zithromax and use something else instead.  But the study this warning is based on found a .0047% chance of dying because of a zithromax induced heart problem.

What about the 44% chance of getting a false negative on the CDC two tier Lyme testing protocol, and the IDSA's insistence on a positive in order to get a diagnosis, even though several studies have shown the inadequacies of the tests?  How many lives have been devastated because they were denied a Lyme Disease diagnosis?  When will that be a big story on the evening news?

Sorry...felt the need to vent today.

Here's the article/blog that lists a handful of studies showing how many false negatives the CDC two-tier testing produces:


P.S.  Many Lyme patients are low in magnesium.  Sounds like the zithromax warning is an important one for LLMDs and their patients.  Since it is given with Mepron for Babesia, it might be an issue for those patients, too.  Unfortunately, blood tests for magnesium levels aren't very useful.  They don't show a shortage until it is severely low.

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