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a new symptom

I have just been diagnosed with vascultis and would love to talk to anyone with this, desperate too, I know from my Lyme friends that this has come from Lyme but have not been to my LLMD in another state that I am moving to so now just trusting Rheumatologists. Very scared.
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If you have Lyme, feeling scared and anxious is a common symptom, both from the disease and from the feeling that many of us have that our docs just don't get the concept.

Rheumatologists, as a group, often do not take Lyme seriously, and if you are getting that vibe from the doc, that may be why.  

How soon will you be able to see the LLMD?  That is the thing to focus on.

Take care, we've all been where you are in being ill and anxious --
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What kind of vasculitis do you have?
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dear mojogal,

one of the first things that a doctor actually saw which finally made them start to take me seriously was vasculitis in my optic nerve arteries.  i take baby aspirin and ginkgo every day to improve my circulation.  i was also on plaquenil for a while, but it didn't seem to do anything.  i get checked every 6 months.

what did your docs say about your vasculitis, and where is it located?

take good care,
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