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I just need to vent since today is a very frustrating day for me. I have been diagnosied officially for one week. I have been on meds for about two weeks. I'm also taking supplements to help with the symptoms as well. I'm just so frustrated with feeling somewhat ok one day and crappy the next. One I have one symptom and then that goes away and something else pops up.

Do any of you feel that frustrated, sometimes a bit hopeless. I'm glad for the diagnosis but struggle day to day. I'm back to the gym and my energy level is getting better.

Sometimes my ribs are sore and my back and then the brain fog kicks in. When does this end???
I also started seeing a therapist for the anxiety which has helped.

does anyone feel worse when it's rainy? I feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster and wish at some point would stabilize since I'm supposed to start back to work in about a month

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It's different for everyone, but in general it's not a fast process.  

We as a society are used to taking antibiotics for a week or ten days and being fine after that, but Lyme is a different creature.  How long it takes to cure depends on a lot of factors, most of which are not known at the beginning of treatment and can't be found on test results.

Sorry to say this, but from what I know from myself and friends and family, it will be *at least* several months before you begin to feel better, and more months after that before you begin to feel like your old self.  It's a long road.  And you may well be on antibiotics even after you start to feel really well (I was), to be sure the bacteria are wiped out, and sometimes there are relapses (I did).  Generally treatment takes at least a year, from what I've read and heard, but I'm not a doctor.

The lack of control over my life makes me nuts, but the bugs are definitely in charge, and I'm just along for the ride.  Wish I had better news for you, but maybe others will ...
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Yes I'm worse when it's rainly.  The ever-changing symptoms are very stressful and frustrating.  As you probably know, it can change from minute to minute, hour to hour.  Old symptoms get replaced with new ones so you never know what to expect.  It took a while to see any improvement.
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Before treatment, my symptoms were very constant, worsening during my period but otherwise predicable.

Since starting treatment in Dec., I feel like what patsy10 describes, with new/returning symptoms compensating for the improved ones.  It's like the carnival game "Whack a Mole." as soon as you bonk one down, another pops up, sometimes on the entire other side of the board(body).  

I am terribly frustrated, but darn it, I still like to hope that it's beatable.

Hang tough.
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Thanks to everyone who responded to my rant.

It's so strange that this illness can reak so much havoc in our bodies.

I feel very comforted knowing that there are others in the same boat. I feel that this is curable although may take a long time.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do agree that we as a society are used to taking meds for 10-14days and then it's done.

I guess this will be a long road.

I've even started seeing a therapist due to allt the frustrations I've felt. I'm hoping this will help somehow.

I'm just glad that I have a diangosis and can stand up most of the day and do something. I'm not sure of going backto work at the end of August.

does anyone know of any support groups?

I do like the "whack the Mole" analogy. I wish I had a big hammer and could kill it for good.

thanks again for being here for me and others with this.
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Hey, we're all here for each other.

Good for you for seeing a therapist to talk this stuff through.  I hope your therapist is Lyme-savvy and understands that the anxiety etc. spring from the disease, not a psychological reaction to the disease ... tho of course it's hard to tell the difference sometimes.  

As in: it's normal to be depressed and anxious when worried about your health, but sometimes the depression and anxiety are a side effect (and not a reaction to) to the disease.  It's organic, arising from the body.  I don't explain this very well, since I'm no scientist, but if you get the feeling that your therapist thinks there's no disease activity that is the direct reason for your dep/anxiety, don't necessarily buy into that.  

I'm no dr, but when I first got very sick with what turned out to be Lyme and babesia, my dr's first reaction was that my *hormones* were out of balance, and by telephone he had me tossed out of an emergency room with heart irregularity and palpitations.  (Can you tell I'm still ticked off???)  

So not everyone understands -- but I hope your therapist does!  Take care.
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I've thought of seeking out a therapist, but I'm not interested in antidepressants at this time.  It seems that there are few "talk" therapists out there, medication seems to be more popular.  

I agree with what JackieCalifornia says about how Lyme & Co. can cause psychiatric symptoms.  I don't feel as though it is the type of chemical imbalance for which the meds were designed.

Also, I already feel like a walking pharmacy, not sure I want anything else in the mix!

I've read mixed experiences, some claiming that AD's help, others saying that they did not.  As with much of this, there could be a lot of individual variation.

I got several samples of antidepressants handed to me by various doctors, specifically neurologists, while undiagnosed.  I did consult a psychiatrist, who told me to find a better neurologist.    
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