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grape seen extract

Has anyone heard of grape seen extract as being good for cleansing the lyme die off out of the body.  Someone told me it made a big differance for him when he was on Iv rocephin.  
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Grape seed extract ,as i know ,is a good health care product which has plenty of strong function such as antioxdation ,scavenging oxygen radicals ,etc.People always use it as a beauty food , you know .Its active ingredient is polyphenols and many of my customers add it into food or cosmetic .So you can use it as a health care product .Believe me !
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I profess ignorance when it comes to most herbal/natural remedies, including grape seed extract.  There is complimentary medicine forum on MedHelp, several of the "regulars" over there are aware of both Lyme and natural therapies, maybe hit them up for advice?

I've had some luck with natural products and think it is a potentially beneficial route for many with Lyme.  I'm just still rather new to it and therefore don't have any good advice to offer!

Here's a link to that forum:

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so sorry for spelling.  I ment to type grape SEED extract.   OOOOpppppps :-)
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