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high quality probiotics advice

I need advice from your experience about a good quality probiotic to take with antibiotics or to take on a daily basis as maintenance.

Also, if you can let me know where do buy it and when is the best time to take it (like before, after meals, without food or with,...etc).

Also, how much is its price and how long does it last?

thx a lot for the help
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My Lyme doc recommended a yeast-based probiotic (that is, not acidophilus) so that it could be taken at any time of day and taken with food.  One brand I am aware of Florastor, but there are others.

The more usual acidophilus-based probiotics cannot be taken with or near antibiotics, because acidophilus is a 'good' bacteria, but the antibiotics don't know it's 'good' and go ahead and kill it anyway.  If you want to take acidophilus-based probiotics, then it has to be taken away from the antibiotics [an hour? two hours? I don't remember -- ask a pharmacist].

I am apparently sensitive to yeast (which is in Florastor), so I had to change to acidophilus-based probiotics.

Follow directions on the label, whatever you take.  Prices vary.  Shelf life is marked on the label.
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I take a Jarrow formula probiotic. Sorry, I don't have a bottle left and can't remember the name.
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