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hmmm, further evidence that the Gov't created lymes

Have so much research.  Talked to over 200 Lymes patients, Gulf War soldiers and all their spouses.  Guess What?  They all have the EXACT same symptoms. In 2004 the Gov't created "Project Biosheild" and "Project Biosheild 2" in which they allocated 50billion$ to have stockpiles of "vaccines" in case of a biological attack.  They contracted with Human Genome Services and others to manufacture "Inhalation Anthrax" and "Systemic Lupus" drugs called TH1 agonist drugs that work by being a human agonist monoclonal antibody that programs cell death in cancer cells.
  NOW, think about this..Lymes patients suffer from Sarcoidosis, which is a cystic growth throughout their bodies, which most surgeons call a "benign cancer".  They will remove these but don't know what they are, per se.  Why did the Fed Gov't contract these companies (Glaxo-Smith-Kline and Human Genome Services) to produce thousands if not more to stockpile.  All the lymes research states that Lyme's is a TH1 disrupting bacteria that causes all types of autoimmune issues and even can cause cancer ( as Dr Lida Mattman PHD, Yale, Immunology. theorizes)
  Here is an excerpt from Biosheild 2.  Read it carefully.  This is the reason why "under our skin" producers have been stonewalled on Freedom of Information material from the goverment.

  "The Biodefense and Pandemic Vaccine and Drug Development Act of 2005 (S. 1873), nicknamed "Bioshield Two" and sponsored by Senator Richard Burr (R-North Carolina), aims shorten the pharmaceutical development process for new vaccines and drugs in case of a pandemic, and to protect vaccine makers and the pharmaceutical industry from legal liability for vaccine injuries. The proposed bill would create a new federal agency, the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Agency (BARDA), that would act "as the single point of authority" to promote advanced research and development of drugs and vaccines in response to bioterrorism and natural disease outbreaks, while shielding the agency from public Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. BARDA would be exempt from long-standing open records and meetings laws that apply to most government departments."
"Much of the support for the bill comes from Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and its members.[citation needed] In the 2002 election cycle, PhRMA contributed $3,505,052 to politicians, with 95% going to Republicans. The top recipient in the Senate was the bill's sponsor, Senator Richard Burr, who received $288,684, according to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics.[citation needed]

Senator Burr said the legislation "creates a true partnership" between the federal government, the pharmaceutical industry and academia to "walk the drug companies through the Valley of Death" in bringing a new vaccine or drug to market.

Exemptions from open records and meetings laws would streamline the development process, safeguard national security and protect the proprietary interests of drug companies, say Republican backers of the bill
Please look into the research.  The soldiers coming home from overseas are getting ill now as well.  I even talked to a submarine sailors wife who has had a total hysterectomy and the VA says she is "ok".  Her husband gets "a powdered mix to consume while on the sub and they are not told what it is by the Dr's on the submarine".  Her children are sick as well as all of this womans friends on base.  I hear the exact same story from every GWI/Lymes patient.  Family members getting ill.

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Sorry, I forgot my question

Why isn't anyone investigating this when the soldiers are getting granualized experimental Anthrax and mycoplasmal "vaccines" and the Lymes patients have the exact same symptoms along with Bartonella, babesiosis, etc?  The Gulf War soldiers are testing positive for the bBurgdeferi bacteria as well as mycoplasma fermentans, Mycoplasma Hominis, etc...
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This is the govt. in true form. The drug companies step in with big bucks and try to control everything but for their own interest. Thats why Lyme is such an underground disease.
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A wise soul once said something along the lines of 'do not attribute to malice that which can be explained by stupidity.'  

In the case of Lyme, I would extend stupidity to include self-interest and ego on the part of the IDSA docs who decided long ago that they had nailed Lyme and refuse now, out of pride, to amend their thinking.  

Government conspiracies are interesting speculation, but how does it help those who come here looking for a way to get diagnosed and get well?  Also note that many/most Lyme sufferers are wigged out enough by the time they find their way here that hyping them even more with conspiracy theories than be neither refuted nor resolved is not particularly healthy or helpful, imo.
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Nor is it helpful for people to get help from the agencies whom which these conspiracies were started.imo
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Just talked to a gulf vet that got a "Smallpox" vaccine before going overseas.  He came down with Malaria like symptoms that the Army medics brushed off as nothin severe.  it was not until he nearly died that he was sent to a hospital in Germany, then has been to Walter Reed Army Hospital NUMEROUS times.  They can't seem to figure out why he has heart issues, joint pain, skin issues, muscle pain and weakness, neurological issues, anger and depression ang cognitive issues.  These are all Myco/Lymes symptoms.  Instead of sitting back and taking this BS,I would rather push the envelope and get to the bottom.  Watergate started with a pencil.  Lymes can too....
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I still don't see what it accomplishes to lay out your conspiracy theories here, where sick people come to figure out what they might have and how to go about getting diagnosed and treated.  It doesn't matter to me whether I got the flu from my best friend or somebody on the city bus -- if I have the flu, I want to figure out how to get it diagnosed and treated, not worry over who infected me.

I would not keep answering your posts except that I think you can do real damage to fragile people who come here looking for help, not for speculation about government conspiracies.  I am sure there are political websites where your positions and statements would be more helpful.
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Jackie, when people start seeing the corelation to GWI and the symptoms are identical, maybe they will get activated about this and out of their seats instead of meekly accepting their "fate". Without people that are trying to find out how this happened, it falls directly into the plan that nobody is going to ask questions or nothing is going to be done.
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I don't see anyone here who is 'meekly accepting their "fate".'

I really wish you would realize the damage you can be doing by these wild conspiracy theories you are weaving, whether you believe they are true or not.  

Think about it:  if your little kid woke up screaming after a nightmare, would you rush in the room and start yelling at him about how there are evil spirits about in the world?  That would be not only nonproductive, but also cruel.

All Lyme patients are caught in a nightmare, and none of us benefits from your scare-mongering, no matter how true you believe it to be.  Please -- be kind, and stop.
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All lyme patients are not caught in a nightmare. I for one am not.
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