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hygenx labs ?

anyone heard of this company?
doc says its in california , going to send next blood sample there , he says they test differently .
i can't find anything online, i'm sure spelling is off, but i've tried every combination i can think of.
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PS nonLLMDs tend to rely on the less specific Western blot and ELISA tests, and I've had docs snicker when I told them I had been tested by IGeneX tests.  So be prepared for the reaction.

It sounds like your doc is on the openminded side, which is VERY GOOD!!!
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IGeneX labs, in Palo Alto CA.  They have a website.  

Your doc is right, IGeneX has a test that looks in your blood for DNA of the Lyme bacteria, instead of (like Western blot and ELISA tests) that look for your immune system's reaction to Lyme bacteria.  That is, IGeneX tests look for direct evidence of Lyme rather than indirect evidence.  

Like in a mystery story:  finding the bad guy's boots is better than finding just his muddy footprints.

IGeneX has a website with short explanations of what their tests do.
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