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is this disease curable and how long does it take for the antibiotics to work?

I was justed diagnosed with lymes disease. I have multiple symptoms. I have neurological symptoms..which include numbness prickling pins and needles tingling burning and cold feelings in my body and head sensitive to touch lightest touch makes me jump electric shock feelings in right and left arm. loss of a little balance not too much my head twitches in my sleep sometimes and i have trembling in my head and hands and sometimes in my back. seems like its attacking my nervous system. i started antibiotics today. is this disease curable? i also have lightheadedness dizzy spells. etc etc. flu like symptoms. it even seems like my bones are getting weak. muscle soreness back aches body aches smh i have it all. :(
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Sorry to hear you are ill, but at least you know what it is and can take action to get well.

Yes, it's curable, but for some people it's a long road, perhaps because of the particular variety of the Lyme bacteria that the person has, or because of co-infections that the same ticks carry.  Every one is different.

Did your MD prescribe any supplements to go with the antibiotics?  Magnesium supplements can be very helpful against the twitches and muscles aches, so ask your MD if you can take them.

I see you've posted another message, too, so I'll go there as well.

Take care.
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PROCEDURE: Sagittal T1. Axial T1, T2, FLAIR, diffusion

COMPARISON: CT from 2008

FINDINGS: There is symmetric focal T2 hyperintensity and restricted diffusion
involving only the splenium of corpus callosum. The brain is otherwise normal
in signal intensity on all pulse sequences. No hemorrhage, mass effect,
extra-axial collection. The basilar flow-voids are present. The calvarium,
skull base, craniocervical relationships, and visualized extracranial
structures are remarkable for mild mucoperiosteal thickening and polypoid
change in the paranasal sinuses.

IMPRESSION: Isolated focal abnormality in the splenium of the corpus callosum
is quite unusual in a patient without known history of multiple sclerosis,
traumatic diffuse axonal injury, or status epilepticus. Consider drug
toxicity, transient metabolic derangement, encephalitis or ADEM, PML, rare
neoplasm, or hypoglycemia. Doubt hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy or posterior
reversible encephalopathy in the absence of known preeclampsia/eclampsia.

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Well, you're beyond everything I am familiar with, and to my knowledge no one here is medically trained.  They seem to be saying there is a finding that is 'quite unusual' if you don't have MS, epilepsy or a particular kind of injury, and that your MD should think about whether you have high levels of some toxic drug, your metabolism is temporarily out of whack, your brain is swollen, low blood sugar, or a couple of other things.  I would read it to mean the MD reading the test doesn't know and is tossing it back to your MD, but you have to check with your MD on that.

I will say that MRIs, from what I read, may not be helpful in diagnosing Lyme.  My LLMD ordered a SPECT scan instead of an MRI.  A SPECT scan looks for how the blood is or is not flowing to and through the brain, and having areas of low blood flow may be consistent with Lyme inflammation and infection.  I recall that my SPECT scan was pretty impressive -- as in, I was very ill and it showed up on the test.

The problem is (as I understand it) that nonLLMDs don't often think of using a SPECT scan, because the nonLLMDs are looking for problems other than Lyme.  I did have an MRI, by the way, done by a highly respected neurologist at a fancy medical teaching center.  He didn't find anything interesting and certainly the word 'Lyme' or 'inflammation' never passed his lips.

What's your next planned step, after seeing your MD?
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Ooops, sorry, sent that prematurely.

I meant to add to it:  Your LLMD may have sent you to have the MRI done to rule out other problems that could be hiding, just to be sure something important isn't overlooked.

I wouldn't be alarmed about the results, because they seem to be saying they didn't find much.  As long as you have an MD who is Lyme-aware and Lyme-literate and won't ignore Lyme as a possibility, you are doing what I would do ... keep going!
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yeah they arent sure what it is but i see the neurologist again on september 21st. so he is going to view the mri himself. and tell me what he sees. and then after that we will decide for further treatment. my md thinks i had a false positive for the lyme. but he wants me to get more blood work just to be sure. cuz sometimes it isnt false positives. and sometimes false positives can even be wrong cuz u can still have it. idk im so mad. this is annoying
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I also saw a neurologist, as I think I mentioned above.  They are not known to 'believe' in Lyme.  If you have any concerns at all, I would suggest seeing a Lyme specialist.
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only problem with that is that i have gateway insurance. which is through welfare cuz i go to college and i work and i cant afford health insurance..smh. but thanks. my md is trying to rule out lyme. im goin for more blood work tomorrow. thank god.
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I hear you.  You hang in there, okay?  Let us know how it goes.  

Best wishes to you ---
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