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lyme -skin problems

I have had a strange 'spot' on my left buttock [near tick bite site] when it first appeared it was sore and painful and got to about the size of the top of an egg-cup - it had a black area in the centre [ it appeared a couple of years since tick bite ] - I can't spare you the gory details or you wouldn't get the full picture!! yuk.  anyway I was eventually able to squeeze some 'puss' out of it - yukkier - well about 4 months on it is still there - no longer painful or anything it's just not going away - it is smaller now but still has a small black dot in centre!!!!  There is no way it could be a very late E.M. rash - is there????    

[I haven't shown it to any one!!  especially not after my doctor lecturing me on hypochondria!]

I know - this sounds crazy but I have seen tons of E.M. rash pictures and this spot really did look like some of those pictures, when it first appeared - the ones where the rash hasn't spread out far and have a black looking centre. I can't recall ever reading about an E.M. rash having puss inside though!!


also I get blistery spots on my left foot - same side as 'bite'.  Any thoughts or similarities out there??

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To my knowledge, the location of the bite doesn't determine the location of the rash (I think I read patsy10 say that).  Since I don't recall a bite and didn't have an EM rash, I'm not an expert.

I've had other rashes/skin problems, mostly since starting antibiotics.  My LLMD is really good about not making me feel crazy about any of my Lyme symptoms.  Since my rashes can come and go, I take pictures of them and show them to my doctor at my appointment.  Hopefully, your LLMD will take you seriously and you can ask about it.  Lyme and co-infections can cause rashes/skin problems other than the famous EM rash.  

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I haven't had what you describe above but I get weird rashes all the time.
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Do you get hives especially round your neck?
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Yes but elsewhere too.
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.I have had them on my arms chest , , neck, dermographism, I have treated them as an allergy, spent a fortune on allergy treatments to no avail, ....Darn it I bet it was that Ticks fault.. all these years of thinking I was something else...I have definatly had times when it hasnt been there, a remission I mean, could have been the sporadic antibiotics for other things like the ear problem a few weeks later after the bite . Interesting ..where do I go from here.. sorry I am thinking to myself.
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