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lyme cases on the rise

i just thought it might be worth mentioning that i live in a little village outside of utica,ny. i just spoke with the local vet.he said he has had 60 cases of lyme come thru his office this summer.this has got to be some kind of indicator for the rise in human cases state wide...country wide..i just have to say an MD... neuro... told me last week that lyme is nonendemic to this area.signed, tickked off tick host.
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That neuro obviously does not have a clue.  All of NY is endemic.  I have 2 friends in NY who have lyme.  One of my friend's tick bites was in upstate NY.  I was told there was no lyme is Ohio too.  I had three bullseye rashes in 1992.  I got them in the local metroparks.  I have pulled off 3 attached ticks from my scalp so far this summer.  I pulled two more off my dog and I put the  flea and tick prevention on him every month.  My next door neighbor had lyme disease.
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I also live in an area where there is contraversy. I live in NW Ontario in Canada and this summer there was confirmed cases of lyme, I asked to be tested and the Dr said it's not around here, but our Health Unit said that there is. I also heard that the (I assume the ticks) are being carried by the birds and that is why it is spreading everywhere quickly. Also in Winnipeg MB, it was int he news that a lady had the bullseye rash and is fighting (orwas) the doctors to test her because they also said it is not in the area and wouldn't test it, so she was fighting it and that was in the news here.

Anyhow, I think it is good to let people know it's out there.
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Why are doctors, folks who are superior intellect supposedly, in so much denial as to the existence of this disease?

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