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lymes disease at 23

Hi, My name is Beth. I was diagnosed with lymes according to the ELISA test. but the western blot test did not show a positive it was negative but all my symptoms point to lymes. I am pretty sure the western blot was a false negative. I am ready to cry my eyes out. I was put on antibiotics almost three weeks ago and when I first started I got worse and then was slowly getting less and less symptoms. I didnt really have any at all. Til today. Electric shocks pins and needles **** is back and im pissed as hell...sorry for the cursing im just so annoyed and could just cry in a corner like a baby. I ask myself why me why me but i hate to pity myself. I wanna look for God but im almost angry at him. I feel like all the diseases in the world just dont make sense, so anyway..I was put on AMOXICILLIN. for basically 30 days. which i still have like two weeks to go. Is it possible that this can be cleared up. I have neuro symptoms. But the doc says i couldnt have had it too long maybe a couple of months i think i got it in april of 2010 which was about six months ago..the symptoms started around that time. So it isnt too long. But can this antibiotic clear it up or will i be put on more meds? IM GOIN NUTS!
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I have had lyme disease for many years so I empathize and sympathize with you.  The comments you've gotten are good.  Let me add that you have to stay on a high powered antibiotic regimen for a long time.

I am a new member to MedHelp.  I don't want to abuse the rules.  So let me just add, while this MedHelp site is good, there are other sites that have tons of members and information.  It's good to get information from a lot of people and sites.

Try to keep smiling.  Work out.  Get on a long-term high power antibiotic regimen, that a lyme literate doctor will give you.  Take the nutritional supplements that your doctor prescribes and the ones you learn about from other lyme members.

Knock off bread and simple carbohydrates (yeah, I know it's hard).  But simple carbohydrates really interfere with the cognitive processes when you have lyme.

By the way, I am not a doctor, just a patient who unfortunately has a lot of experience in the lyme world.

And laugh.  You have a right to laugh.

You are not alone.


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Thank you for responding I feel alone sometimes on this site because I have posted on here before. I believe I had it for about five months before I started treatment. But it couldve been a little longer not certain. Didnt see the tick so I cant really say. But I believe i got bit when i was pregnant. I was told that being on antibiotics for 30 days is the best way to go. For some reason those ppl who were only on it for two weeks didnt recover like they wouldve for 30 days. But im so lost in this whole thing. I have Gateway health insurance So its hard to get good doctors to take care of me...But thankfully I just got hired at a hospital. So I should be able to get better health coverage through them once I have been employed for 60 days. Then I will definately find an LLMD. What were some of the neuro symptoms you had? Did you have an abnormal MRI because of it?
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I agree completely with Wonko's comments.  

I think I also had a mild, low-level case of Lyme for a few years before I got bit again, and it suddenly all hit me.  One of the complicating factors for me was a co-infection, a disease completely different from Lyme but carried by the same ticks.  The stats on co-infections vary, but maybe half of those with Lyme have a co-infection, and they must be tested for separately from Lyme, and many need different medications.  NonLLMDs usually don't test for co-infections, in my experience and understanding, so seeing an LLMD is important.

Also, Lyme causes can cause nervous system irritation and affects mood.  So not only are Lyme patients physically ill, mood and mental processing can be affected.  I know, because I had that aspect very badly.  Feeling confused and upset and desperate was a big part of the misery of Lyme for me and for others who have posted here.  With treatment, it goes away.

Do find an LLMD and let us know how you do.  We've been where you are, so we certainly understand.
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Hi Beth,

Don't give up-Lyme disease can be treated and, if not cured, at least beat down to remission.  

How long it takes depends on so many factors that no two people are alike.  You're young, so that's a plus!  How long do you think you had it before first getting treatment?  The sooner it is caught, the better your chances are for faster and more complete recovery.

Have you found an LLMD (Lyme-literate physician)?  Not all doctors treat as long or as aggressively others, and not all doctors interpret the test results the same way.  Finding the right doc is a huge part of getting the proper treatment that will allow you to get better.  If you need advice for how to find docs, let us know.  

I think I had it for a long time before I knew it, but I got "bad" at age 27.  I'm still fighting it, but I'm hugely improved and now have so much more in my life than just this illness.  So while it stinks to have any illness, especially at such a formative stage in life, at least Lyme can get better.  My experience with it was life changing, but not life ending!

Hang in there!
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