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skin problems after lymes treatment

I have several raised red pimple like spots just below my left arm pit. These areas do not itch but are sore to touch and are sore period. I feel their presence when simply walking around.  What would casae these??  Is it an aftermath from taking the medication for the possibility of lyme disease after I had an engorged tick that left a distinctive red circle around the center of where the tick was engorged?  As it happens, the red spots are on the same side that the tick was found.  Any connection??  I put some anti bacterial cream on them it it made them burn.  I noticed today that on some of these spots there is a noticable black tiny dot in the middle of them.  Does anyone know what this "rash/bump" situation might be??
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Welcome bzinbby.  I don't know what they are or if it is related but you may want to have your doctor look at them just in case it is something like shingles.
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I had one spot that sounds the same as your discription - the black centre - mine was very close to 'tick bite' site - it was many months after the bite - before I had antibiotics - and it did eventually have some 'puss' in it - it took weeks to start to clear-up - but even now - there is still a red/purpleish mark there.
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thank you for posting..Patsy and gorbybelle,  I also wondered about shingles but this outbreak is only in one area - my sis had shingles and she said it was extremely painful..my rash is just between wanting to itch the area to being just plain bothersome..  I tried anti -bacterial cream..and bag balm...both only irritated it more.  I then tried calamine lotion.  THAT has worked a little bit.  It has dried the area out but the bumps are still there and when the lotion wears off they are still very red.  Am seeing my Doctor in a week so hopefully will get an answer.  I have no other symptoms with this "rash" so am inclined to think it is something minor.  I hope!
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