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tick bite

I pulled a tick off my husband about 2 days ago. Today you can see where the tick was. Around the area where the tick bit him is red and underneath his skin it is very hard to the touch. He said it itches. I have looked on the internet, I know about the red bullseye rash but it does not look like that. I'm just wondering if we should be concerned. He feels okay right now.
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YES! YES! you should be concerned. where do you live? Can you get him to a doctor so he can start antibiotics asap! Just because there is no bullseye does not mean anything!  Please do not wait until he sees over sym.

Go to http://www.LymeDiseaseAssociation.org

This forum will also help you alot!

Good Luck
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We live in Tenneesee. I t is hard for us to see a dr., we have no insurance. I have antibiotics in my med. cabinet. Cipro, is the name of the antibiotic, but it was not prescribed to him, it was for me. He is not allergic to anything. The antibiotic is not old. Thanks for responding!
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Help is hard to find. Primary Md's under treat Lyme if they treat it at all.  Please find help at the following sites and patients can help you find an LLMD (lyme literate Md) truthaboutlymedisease.com   ILADS.org (read basic info)   ****.org

The disease can turn chronic....get help please visit these sites!
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I pulled a tick off of me June 2007 and NEVER got a bulls eye rash just a raises small red mark that lasted 2 weeks. I was unable to stand, walk, write the list goes on and on by December 2007. I had a negative Elise and only one band on the westernblot . I am lyme positive by LLMD doctor standards.

I have been on antibiotics since January and I have regained 90% of my function back. Please go the following sites and read. Always save your tick in a zip lock bag with a moist cotton ball. There are several places you can send your tick. The following documents will help you husband advocate for himself.



http://www.ilads.org/guidelines.html   click on guidelines.

If these websites get blocked out send me a personal message and I will re-send them to you!

My thoughts and prayers are with you

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