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unexplained gastro issues... lyme related?

can lyme cause severe gastro problems? i have lower and upper issues, but my endoscopy and colonoscopy were both normal. drs mentioned crohn's, but ruled that out since everything looks normal. i have extreme pain, bloating, cramping, loose stools, many food allergies. have had gastro probs for over 15 years, and have had lyme for 8 years, so had some probs prior to the lyme. have also had a few bleeding issues--gastro and menstrual. could lyme cause this, too? not many lyme patients complain of GI probs--just wondering if lyme could be the cause.
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Someone else where can probably comment better than I, because this is not an issue I've been faced with.  I think the answer is yes, Lyme can mess with your digestive system.  I know one person who had Lyme for a very long time, and had the same problems you describe.

I just searched 'lyme gastrointestinal symptoms' [but without the quotes] and got a lot of interesting hits.  Take a look --
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Yes, Lyme and co-infections can cause severe GI problems. I struggle with these issues. Make sure you are eating gluten-free and check into other food intolerances. Also, I can suggest probiotics do help.
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