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Can lymphedema be symptomatic of myelomalacia

I recently had an MRI w/o contrast to diagnose acute onset of moderate to severe neck, upper extremity and shoulder pain and also numbness to the right palm. Pain is almost exclusive to the right side. Prior CT scan indicated two disc herniation at the cervical spine. MRI confirmed two bulging discs (C3-4 & C5-6), diffuse disc desiccation. More troubling was the impression "indentation of the ventral cord at C3-4 with minimal increased signal suggesting myelomalacia." In recent weeks I noticed a quite prominent area of soft swelling or puffiness at the top of the right shoulder adjacent to and including the right side of the neck at the base. It is not pitting and non tender. My provider suggests either lymph fluid buildup or possibly spasm and ordered a CT scan of the right shoulder. I'm also pending a second MRI w/ contrast of the cervical spine and have been referred for a neurology workup. I have no history of heart failure, endocrine disease, etc. Could the swelling or puffiness be r/t to disc disease? Secondly, can the MRI w/ contrast rule out myelomalacia or only confirm or support the initial impression?
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