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Is this lymphedema?

My right lower leg started swelling last October and I also noticed I had itchy arms and my fingers were stiff. The dr. gave me a diuretic, which did nothing to lessen the swelling. Then I consulted a massage therapist, who diagnosed me with lymphedema in December. She recommended lymphatic massage, said I needed to be patient because the enzyme treatment she uses would take time to correct the fluid imbalance. I felt better, knowing that there was a treatment for what I had.

During the winter my energy level was so low, getting out of bed was difficult some days. I couldn't do much but rest 24/7 for several months.

A few weeks ago I noticed my fingers were puffier than before and they ached. My whole body was achy, which made it difficult to walk and do the things I normally enjoy. I thought 'What is happening to me? Am I ever going to feel healthy again? I am still looking for answers. Oh, I forgot to mention the weight gain of 10 lbs. I just want to feel good again! Please advise.
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