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Leg swelling - varicose - After surgery swelling - Infections

My mother is 63years old,

About 4 and  1/2 years ago some black dots started appearing in her feet, then she was diagnosed with varicose veins after visiting for continuous clinics at an hospital.
Then they scheduled for a Varicose vein related surgery but unfortunately that was cancelled twice at the very last movement (3 Years ago).

After that there were some minor wounds started appearing(most of the time in the right foot) and those were healed using usual external treatments(3 to 2 Years ago)

One day she got fever and started shivering and we have taken her to a doctor near by and the doctor informed us that my mother has been infected prescribed some medicine to control infection. Then 2 days later although the fever was fine her left foot started swelling then the same doctor asked us to admit her immediately at the hospital. (2 Years ago)

At the hospital they did a surgery and some cleaning in her left foot, due to this her left foot and surrendering skin has been removed during the cleaning surgeries.
Once she has been discharged we were taking her to continuous treatments for about 3 Months.

During one such visit the doctor scheduled a tissue transplantation surgery to fill her surgical wound during the previous cleaning surgeries, so that that would will cure quickly. That surgery has been done during that time and discharged again.

Although the wound been cured after this surgery the swelling of leg/calf and foot remained same there after forever.

Time to time she get infections and we observe her left upper thigh swell slightly and she fell it's paining.Also when ever she get infection she shivers. During this times we take her to the doctor nearby and got some medicine to control infection and relief pain.

Is the swelling of leg (calf, foot, foot fingers) are due to Lymphatic complications(which caused due to the above skin removal surgeries in the upper foot)?

Is there a permanent cure to recover from the leg swelling( and dark skin)? What the procedure and treatments we should follow?
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