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Lymphedema on the face??

Is it possible to have lymphedema on the face? I'm reading posts in this forum and all are of lumps, pain, and legs/arms. One side of my face is slightly swollen 24/7. Although I use the word "swollen", there are no symptons such as lumps, constant pain, rashes, etc. It's above the brow bone down to under the jaw. A few times a week, what I assume is fluid, would build up to a point where my eye bag is larger, gives me a slight headache (near the temple), and puts a lot of pressure behind the eye. These episodes come and go and usually last an hour or so. I've had blood work, CT scan, ultrasound, all done with eliminate things like thyroid disease, small tumors, etc.  Other than that, I am a healthy individual with no history of illnesses, surgeries, or trauma.

I've seen a vascular surgeon for a diagnosis and he tells me lymphedema does not occur on the face "because of gravity" (what???). I'm hoping it was my bad luck so I'm considering seeing another vascular specialist as I have some difficulty finding a lymphedema specialist in NYC.

But I just wanted to see what others have to say. Thanks!
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Lymphedema definitely does affect the face, commonly after head and neck surgery. And there are lymphedema therapists who are specially trained in head and neck lymphedema treatment. There are a number of lymphedema clinics in and around New York City. You may search the nearest ones at the National Lymphedema Network web site at http://www.lymphnet.org/find-treatment. When you call, make sure they have a therapist qualified specifically for head and neck.
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