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Lymphedema socks

Hi i'm a male 33 with primary lymphedema i'm just wondering does any one recommend any support stockings for very sensitive skin. I unfortunately had my first experience with cellulitis this year. I was then put on antibiotics which was penicillin unknown to me I developed an allergy to penicillin and went up like a balloon this landed me in hospital for 7 days. I'm still getting side affects now 2 months later. I'm going back to my lymphedema clinic in a months time hopefully some more info. Jobst are no good and currently wearing juzo soft at the moment but not all the time wearing below knee at the moment have warn tights and thigh highs in the past not a good look. Anyway if you have allergies be very careful with lymphedema I'm going to be very careful now and take more care of my legs didn't think it would create so much of a problem.    
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