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Submetal, Sublingual, Anterior and Posterior Nodes

Hello, since I fist noticed my lymph nodes in January, as time has been passing, the nodes on my neck behind the ear line and my chinline have gotten bigger, not noticible by look , but if i turn my head compleately to either side you can see them and they also hurt. They bug me all day, and they feel like they have a pulse. Im scared, not only do I not have medical insurance but i dont have the money either to see a doctor. I'm thinking about going to the hospital soon if the pain doesnt go away. What could be the cause for this?

A little bit of history:
First off I'm 21 years old, January/2012, I had a scare when I was told by a doctor that I had chlamydia and got treated. I went crazy trying to figure out if it was just chlamydia or if I was also infected with HIV. So I went online looked up symptoms and most symptoms varied but one of them was swollen lymph nodes. Up to this point I new nothing about lymph nodes. So I started feeling for them on my neck, I felt little bumps but thought nothing of them, so I let them be.
Feb/2012 I was told I no longer had chlamydia but was still being tested for HIV.
April/2012 I got tested again for all STD's and was told I was negative for everything exept chlamydia and got treated again, even though I have not been sexually active at all since January.

Other details: Two years ago i was told I had Bacterial vaginosis, but never got treated.
February/2012 I had an abortion.
I have been under a lot of stress lately and also alot of depression.
I havent been sleeping good at nights because i've been having what I think are sleep paralysis episodes with strong hallucinations.
I do not do any kind of drugs, no alcohol, no smoking of any kind. There are family members who smoke at home.
I have sciatica so I take Hydrocodone sometimes when the pain is too much.
I have also been told I have fibrosis in my breats.
I was told I had a cavity last time I went to the dentist.
And I also get the occational tonsil stones.
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