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Swelling in knees and legs....major pain

Have to give a little history real quick.... I was ran-over by a car in 1998 since than my left calf looks like a male football players calf. Sometimes it is painful and other times I don't even think twice about unless I fall in love with a pair of boats I cant wear for I can not get it over my calf. It has not gotten bigger knor has it gotten smaller either. Question to this is can the impact of the car cause me to have Lymphedema in that calf? Since 1998 no one doctor could tell what it is unltil recently, a VD doctor told me it was possibly lymphedema.What do you think? History after getting run over.... My first plane flight ever and I discovered I can not fly do to the aftermath of the flight so I am told. My legs, ankles, feet and toe's all swell two days after my flight so bad I can not walk and you would thing I have the Elegphant's Syndrome. Discover this on my first plane flight ever in my late 30's. And no one could tell me why this happen to me ever time. So now I do not fly anywhere. It does not happen to me here and all flights were only 3/4 hours long. What casues this and please don't say plane flight and salt etc... for I am very very careful and thought of all that prior. My other ortho doctors wife has the same thing and no one can tell them either and we are both of irish and celtic heritage.
Now to the present.... In March of this year 2012 I had gotten three blood clots in my right calf and foot. No, I did not hit it, bang it and or sustain any serious trauma. I did however prior to that had several neck proceedures back to back 7 days apart from on another. I had asked it it was due to that and I was told no. I than ask well than from what. Of course I got blown off and told to see my D.O. No answer there either. My blood will not regualte and I was on 100 mg of Lovenoz twice a day for several months along with the pill. Now, it is Spetember and I am off the Lovenox and only on the blood thinning pill. I have gained 50 lbs from all this. Just his week my left knee infront and in back started to hurt me so bad I had been screaming and can not move or bend it, and the pain went down to my calf to the back of my ankle and into my toe's. I went to the the ER in fear of it being a DVT although I am on a high dose of blood thinners and this is the leg that has the swelling in the calf since 1998. X-ray shows fluid in the knee. Doppler was negative. I was sent home with a ace bandage and a cane. No one bother to call the VD associated with the hospital to tell him I was there. I telephone a ortho doc for a apt asap. Since a few days have past now my right knee cap is swollen like a melon as if I had knee surgery but no pain down the calf just cant bend or move it a slight pain in the back. Is this from putting weight on it do to the left knee? Or is all of this a serious Vascular problem. Who is the correct doctor and WHY or WHY is this happen and in both knees and swelling in the one leg right and of course the left calf which is always there. Who do I see? is it a reaction from all the thinners. I do not know can some one please oh please point me in the correct direction? Can it be both Vascular and a knee injury so both docotrs are needed? I am so affraid of surgery now I do not want to die and the pain is so bad and I can NOT walk at all were I may need to get a wheel chair in this short week.
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