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Swollen Lymph Node and several nodes under armpit

About 6 month ago I noticed a small lymp node on the right side of my neck.  I went to the doctor and the next day I performed an X ray and it turns out that all was fine and my doctor told me that it was probably an infection.  He gave me recipient on medication and my node was decreasing. However ,  2 weeks ago my neck appeared very swollen.  Everytime I press on the node it feels very painful.  And 2 days ago a very bad cough hit me  .  Everytime I breath I cough.  And today I noticed 3 painful nodes under my armpit and one painless under the skin.  I just got braces done 3 weeks ago and I'm worried if my braces has something to do with my nodes?  Or there's something more serious?  During this month I also was hit by a migrane and fatigue.  
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