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Swollen tonsillar node

I am a 28 yr old female. Mom to two kids under 4. In January,  I got a bad cold, sore throat, bad sinus congestion, the worKS which ultimately lead to a sinus infection . At that same time I noticed a swollen  ( what I believe to be ) lymph node in my upper neck. From looking at diagrams I see it is most likely the Tonsillar  node. It was a definitly large, not really that sore unless ypu poke it very hrd. I went on antibiotics for the infection, at th e clinic the nurse practioner wasn't concerned about the node a d said it was most likely connected to the infection. About a month o so later I cane down with an even worse cold, which again developed into a sinus infection  much worse this time. Node had gotten smaller but had not gone away in the time being.  I went to the clinic again and got another round of antibiotics.  I am now 3 out from the 2nd round and node is still there. Now I feel a sensation going up behind my jaw and almost into my lower ear. I have a slight ear ache now, and even a dull ache in my lower jar area. Again the node does not seem to have gotten bigger and it is moveable, not fixed.  But I couldn't feel this sensation before. I have  doc appt next week to get it checked out. I have had a runny nose non stop since before Christmas.  I did have 2 or three night sweats but I also just went on thedepo shot and I read that is a very common side effect.  Before the depo shot ( 4 weeks ago this Friday ) I had never had a night sweat. I started my period yesterday, so 8 believe the night sweat is all hormonal  related. I am concerned about the node though, although  I read this node most likely signifies  an infection... possible tonsilitis  ( I don't have any pain though ) or ear infection, lymes disease,  upper respiratory infection, strep, etc. Any thoughts?
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