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What does non-specific reactive hyperplasia of cervical lymph node biopsy mean?

I have left cervical lymphadenopathy at level I on left neck (38 x 23 mm). An incisional biopsy was performed. The biopsy report says non-specific reactive hyperplasia. Also my GeneXpert report says Mycobacterium Tuberculosis not detected.

I found my lymph node enlarged a month back, however I am not sure since when it was enlarged. I did not have any of these below symptoms:
1. Fever
2. Fatigue
3. Weight loss
4. Night sweats

However I have following symptoms for couple of years or more:
1. Occasional cough
2. Generalized body itching (mainly on my foot, inner thighs, palm, hair, face, shoulder, arms, waist)
3. Recently alopecia areata was detected on my back of hair
4. Dandruff
5. Skin problem on back of my scalp

A full CT scan of my neck, chest and abdomen was performed and no swelling was found expect the one on left cervical. Endoscopy of nose and throat was performed and did not show any findings. My CBC is normal. Also HIV,Hepatitis B and C report shows negative.

It will be great help if you can guide me on what could be probable cause of my lymphadenopathy. Do I need to be worried about something or what should be my line of treatment now? Also do I need to perform any more test?
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