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I noticed a few years ago several lumps in my groin about peanut size, but didn't take much notice.  I think it happened sometime after visiting samoa where I had a toenail fall off from infection.

A few months ago I got several dozen cuts on my lets and feet, and although I disinfected, many still got badly infected.

I was in a tropical place (camiguin island) with a lot of infectious diseases, and when I went to buy antibiotics, it cost $1 for 30 pills, and they had absolutely no effect and didn't taste like amoxicillin.

Within a few days I now had 15 lumps in my groin which were painful to press, and my legs were falling asleep all the time.   After a few weeks my infections cleared, but the bumps remained, they decreased in size only slightly.

Now it is about 4 months later, and I still have 12 lumps in my groin, not as tender, but my left leg feels a lot of pain and I have some muscle spasms.

Will the lumps ever go away?  I read online they should clear after a few weeks but it's been months.   Maybe it's possible I have a parasite?  I have gotten a lot of mosquito bites in tropical places and I read about a type of worm that infects the lymph nodes.
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