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multiple enlarged nodes in neck with various symptoms

Hi. Thanks to anyone that has read this. I am a 40yo female. Within the last year I haven't been feeling well. I noticed swollen lymph nodes on each side of my neck months ago (at least 6 months, maybe longer). Then found one behind my right jaw underneath my ear. That one is very hard, not moveable and seems to be getting bigger. Had an ultrasound that showed 3 that were about 1.5-2cm. 3 without ecogenic hilum. The ultrasound report said they can not be sonographicallly characterized as benign. So they did an FNA on the two largest. They refused to do it on the hard and fixed one. Came out benign. Right before the biopsy one had also become enlarged in the back of my neck. I'm seeing a different doc now and he doesn't understand why the hard one wasn't biopsied so I am going to go for that soon. As far as symptoms, I am exhausted and weak. Had a headache about 2 months back that lasted for 3 weeks straight, now it's a few times a week. Have had side pain behind my left ribs and below for 3 months straight. Now it's on and off. Can't eat much without feeling incredibly full, for at least 6 or more hours afterward. Have stomach pain and diarrhea. And have recently had upper stomach pain where. I can't ly in my stomach.  In October i lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks without trying. I am again starting to drop weight. I have had night sweats on and off for a long time and they are now constant every night. I can't seem to get comfortable even throughout the day. I either feel like it's 100 degrees or I have chills. My CBC showed elevated WBC. It was 11.2 and about a month later increased to 12.8. I've been having chronic eye infections for about a year as well as chronic yeast infections every month. I've been tested for Lyme, mono, HIV, Syphiliis (which I new would both come out negative) all negative. Thyroid is normal. Just had a chest xray that was normal. Waiting to have the second biopsy. Have been having pain in my clavicle region. It's a strange feeling, almost like I'm not sure where it is coming from.(muscle, bone??) I also vomited last night out of nowhere for no apparent reason. My eyesight has become more blurry in the last 2 weeks. It seems crazy that all this is going on with me. It gets very frustrating always feeling like garbage. I am starting to become worried and my doc suggested that if we can't figure it out I should maybe see a hematologist.  The hard node is what is very concerning to me and to my GP. The ENT I went to sent me for the 1st biopsy but seemed to be quite dismissive. I won't be going back to him. From the first appointment, I felt as though he wasn't really listening. My GP is determined to get to the bottom of it, which I am grateful for. He also has said that he thinks all these symptoms are related to one thing. He said there is no way he woud say that it is anxiety related because he feels my neck nodes, has seen my eye infections, has seen that my wbc are abnormal, etc. I may push for an excisional biopsy. Has anyone been through this constellation of symptoms? I would be grateful to anyone who would reply with opinion, experiences, or suggestions. I'm at such a loss. Thank you.
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Your not alone. I've been through that nightmare. I've been able by the grace of God to get rid of the sinus infections. I've also found a way to decrease the night sweats which suck immensely. Just do yourself a favor and go to a hematologist. The key to all of this is the blood. Have them check you IgA, IgG, IgE, IgM. 10-1 your stomach hurts because your IgG antibodies are out of range, in my case mine were, that effects the brain and the intestines, causing a sensitivity to light causing stomach pain. check out a lab named cyrex. A standard blood test doesn't check the array of antibodies. Why I do not know. prob money. . I've lost so much weight. My nodules are under my jaw, groin bilateral and neck. I have two solid tumors in my thyroid lobes the right is larger than the left. No one wants to get sued for negligence, in my case. My IgE levels are always high despite not being around allergens. it's unfortunate that we have the science but don't apply it. Defiantly see a hematologist and an immunologist. I've been through the ringer w docs who did everything but, what they should have done. fortune for me I'm a medical researcher. pay close attention to your liver, kidney function. Sounds gross but the clearer your urine the happier your kidneys. If you are taking any antihistamines, stop, stay away from OTC anything for now. Until you can get to a doctor who knows what tests to give you, I've found that for the sinus, a dab of eucalyptus essential oil (not synthetic) on a q tip under the nose,(smells like Vic's ) helps at night. Drink a full glass of water before bed. the night sweats are caused by the fever that takes place when your body tries to heal itself aka the reason we all sleep. Boiron makes a fantastic line of homeopathic OTCs been staying alive all these years w their products. The body needs rest to heal, with your constant fight flight feeling your hormones are dragging you to hell and back. Think of it as starting at zero and beginning again. Sinitus by Boirion can be found at CVS, Quitude will help you rest. Allopathic doctors won't tell you that. So while you wait to see a hemotolgist and an immunologist , try that. And for whatever weird reason I've found that if I massage my feet at night with Almond oil , I feel better the next day. I don't know why. Also have the doc give you a test called Cytochrome P450, get a read on what your liver enzymes are doing. Most scholarly articles are now gearing towards the bodies way of healing itself via enzymes and proteins. Keep me posted after you've tried some of it. I know the disorientation and rag doll effect of doctors and appointments, I also know that I've succeeded when they haven't, I wish you all of the best and good health.
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