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Location of Calcinosis

I'm fairly new to this group, not yet been diagnosed with MSK but seem to have the symptoms, I've been told that I now have calcinosis, recurring stones, which I can't pass because of stricted ureters, so have had unsucessful Lithotripsy, and 3 surgeries to remove stones and frequent PAIN......! Which I'm told by my Uro that I shouldn't be having as the calcinosis is located in the parenchyma, of my kidney apparently this has no feeling! Can anyone explain does the calcinosis have to be in a specific place in the kidney to confirm MSK? Thanks everyone for the advice and support! It certainly makes me feel better to know others are going through similar things as me!
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Not sure how I missed this one I am sorry.

For MSK our stones are in the papillary or inner part of the kidney the collecting duct.

Hope that helps even late.
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