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I just had an idea, esp with all our newbies.  

1.  How many would be interested in a private part of our forum for
us to discuss, list, share and compare research and info on MSK?  Maybe even more a of pro activist group to help get the word out etc.  I know with the holidays it will have to wait a while but this is just an idea and I'd like to see if anyone else is interested.

2.  Through our IC support website I have access to a private chat room... medhelp might have this also don't know
but how many would love to have an giant online MSK support meeting chat at some point?

  I just know with my IC groups we see forming, there is something so empowering of not only reading but talking to  others like you... and knowing I am not crazy, I am not alone and my pain is real!!  To hear someone voice the deepest sorrow in your heart as well!

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i would luv to be a part of this i dont have much info but really want to learn and share with others
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I would love to compare notes and also share helpful info to hopefully help out other sufferers, I think its a great idea and that it would indeed be empowering, count me in!
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