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Hi everyone,

I'm 28 years old and pregnant for the second time.  During my first pregnancy, which ended in miscarriage at about 8 weeks, I was diagnosed with homo. mutant MTHFR.  I started an aspirin, B6, and folic acid regimen, which I've been adhering to pretty religiously.

I found out yesterday that I'm pregnant again...I'm extremely nervous and not excited like I was before.  Part of me wants to go in for an u/s ASAP, but the other part of me wants to wait until I'm much further along than I was last time (I went in for an emergency u/s and they never saw anything more than a small sac...eventually was told I had a blighted ovum).

Anyway, it's great to have this forum here -- especially since I'm overseas!
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Welcome Piavov!

AND CONGRATULATIONS TOO!  I too am also expecting and just recently too!  I wish you the very best this time around and hopefully now that you are on your treatment regimen, things can go a bit more smoothly for you.

Post away and please keep us posted on your appointments and ultrasound.  I know first hand how scary and the full of anticipation you are feeling.  I just went though that very situation this past Wednesday when I had my first u/s.  All was good so far for me, and after having 3 losses myself, I was seriously walking on eggshells and fear.

Keep positive, it will go a long way.

Good luck, and if you have any other questions that I can help you with, please feel free to message me directly.

Sandi (Dragon1973)
MedHelp Genetics Community Leader;
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Thanks, Sandi!

Even though I know I have all these issues, I feel strangely confident that everything will be fine this time around.  Here's hoping, right?

I'll be posting away here, don't worry.  It's nice to have other people who are going through the same thing!

When is your EDD?
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