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MTHFR treatment for pregnant women

Women who experience multiple miscarriages are more likely to have MTHFR gene mutation, though researchers have not established a direct, causal relationship between the two. It is believed that such mutations can sometimes cause blood clots to form in between the placenta and the uterine wall, thus hindering the transportation of nutrition to the developing fetus. If this occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, then it can cause greater risk as the fetus is still very young and more susceptible to such dangers.

The exact mechanism for the link between MTHFR gene mutations and pregnancy is not yet known and may be discovered in the near future. There exists no standard MTHFR treatment that can be offered to pregnant women to avoid such a condition.

Presently, the only temporary treatment for MTHFR for pregnant women is to administer daily injections of anti-clotting medication, Heparin and Lovenox. Since the condition occurs early in a pregnancy, it is advised to start MTHFR mutation treatment as soon as the woman gets pregnant and up to the first trimester. But it is not clear as to how long this must last.

Another treatment is small doses of aspirin on a daily basis, but this option has not been well researched.

Treatments for this condition will take some time to develop properly and become a standard protocol for care during pregnancy with MTHFR mutations. Until then, these are the best options available.

Article Source: https://mthfrtreatments.wordpress.com/2016/02/01/mthfr-gene-mutation/
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