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Suspect MTHFR

Hi, I live in New Zealand and it's difficult to access testing for MTHFR. I suspect I have some form of this due to two recent recurrent miscarriages, a child with down syndrome and two other children with tongue and lip ties. I am on a waiting list to see a doctor who may be able to help, but in the meantime have been treating myself with b-complex that contains methylated folate. I am taking an extra folate tablet too, so 1,400mcg altogether. I started on low dose aspirin, 75mg, as well. I have been taking the b-complex for about a month, but the extra folate and aspirin I started a week ago. I was previously taking 800mcg of folate. On Wednesday I started having a headache, which quickly grew into severe all over body ache, by the evening my lungs ached so bad I could hardly breathe. The headache and body ache has been coming and going, but the lung ache has remained and I'm feeling awful. I'm just wondering if it could be any way related to either the extra folate or the aspirin? I haven't seen a doctor, they know diddly squat about MTHFR, so would not be helpful.
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