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Ode to the Symptoms of Pregnancy...

*So have you noticed your symptoms getting increasingly stronger as the days go by?
*Moody lately?  
*Has anyone else been getting any dull/achy pains in their sides and lower abdomen due to stretching muscles/ligaments/uterus?
*Feeling the 2 worded nightmare...Morning Sickness yet?
*Are your boobs causing you agony yet?

Tell me about it then!  Post your stories, comments, complaints on here and rejoice knowing that you're not the only one feeling like crap. =)
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Well i have not had the 2 word nightmare yet, but i have felt nauseous off and on. Omg do my nipples hurt so so so bad. Ive had minor cramps and pains in my right side by my ribs. I just truly hope this is my sticky bean because i could not handle another mc.
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I have been having tons of cramps and aches in my lower abdomen and the past two days have seriously cried like ten times.  I feel a little nauseous off and on, but only when I think about food not actually when i eat it.  Haven't really been hungry lately, but just always feel shaky.  My boobs never seem to be affected, with my dd they grew like crazy, but never hurt.  Started feeling really tired today, but I think it was mainly just the heat drained me.  Overall I am feeling really good and hope it stay that way.
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I was having cramps until the doctor put me on prometrium vaginally. Now all cramps stopped. I have been getting the dull aches here or there and I stay hungry. Other than that...being tired, visiting the restroom more, and vivid dreams are the only other symptoms. My cousin had a negative preg test and is showing more symptoms of pregnancy than I am..lol. *Fingers crossed*...no morning sickness or sore breasts as of yet.
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today was a rough day for me.. felt bad all day and could barely function, and had my first "woe is me" cry over the phone with my hubby while he was at work.. poor guy didn't see that coming! feeling this way is a bummer, but i am thankful for it. a healthy little one in march will make it worth whatever symptom i have to endure:) my boobs are definitely at the brink of fitting into my bras.. it will be fun to go get some new ones. i have felt the stretching thing as well, especially in my hips. pants are starting to dig into hip area. wearing a bella band yet, anyone?
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i have had some rough days. It seems to be getting worse lately. My has been pretty nauseous the past 2 days. I actually vomitted yesterday. all signs that things should be ok in there with my little bean. I will find out today..
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I have had the twinges in my right and now a little across my lower tummy.  Very tired, but keep waking in the middle of the night.  Slight nauseous, but very bloated & gassy!!!
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