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Partial Placenta Previa

My Drs office just called and said the baby is perfect but I do have partial placenta previa. They told me absolutely no intercouse (which i had this morning...) and no strenuous activities. My question is has anyone else ever had this and it go away? I am having another ultrasound in 2 weeks to monitor it. Also what would you consider strenuous activity to be??? I am a little freaked out right now =(
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I was diagnosed with a low lying placenta at 10 1/2 weeks. They told me no intercourse, no exercise until it has resolved. I will find out next Thursday at my u/s if the placenta has moved up. Good thing is they say as the baby grows the placenta moves away from the cervix. I would assume what I  have is very similar to yours, mine just diagnosed earlier in my pregnancy.

Take care of yourself and definitely avoid any pelvic activity :-( Bummer, I know, poor dh hasn't gotten any action since we first found out I was preggers, since I also had a small sub chorionic hematoma so I was being very cautious from the beginning!

I am sure all will be well by the time your baby is nice and cooked :-)
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By the way they told me no heavy lifting, meaning anything over 15 lbs... I would assume that's the same as strenuous activity. No exercise, I think walking is all they allow you to do as far as exercise :-(
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aww, i hope you feel better soon.. i know you are concerned, but i have read stories of this type of thing resolving itself on its own with a little R and R. don't worry about intercourse this morning. i am sure it didn't harm anything. hoping you hear good news about this in two weeks. sorry you can't do anything strenuous, but glad to hear baby is perfect! keep up the good work and enjoy taking it easy:)

wannababy10, good luck to you as well! let us know what you find out on thursday <3
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hey i left you a comment...dont stress to bad because i have been 5 months without sex lol but mine has moved some..you still have time for it to move if you want to talk let me know i had complete and now just partial...
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Thanks for the nice comments =) I have faith that my uterus will push the placenta up where it should be and put me in the safety zone for another vaginal delivery. I am sort of glad they caught it early so they can monitor it well. I will keep everyone posted after my next scan.

katsmommy- I didnt realize that you also have this. How awesome that it is only partial now- maybe by time the baby comes it will be gone =)

wannababy- I do also believe that what we have are similar. Please keep me posted as to what happens at your next appointment =)
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With my first son at 21wks I had an u/s that showed a partial placenta previa as well but by the time I had my last check-up scan done at 32wks there was no previa at all. During the 11wk time frame I was under strict orders. No intercourse, no lifting over 10lbs, no standing/walking for prolonged periods, and only light housework or even work you do at work must be minimal, and no stooping or excessive bending over. I followed doc's orders fearing losing another baby but everything worked fine.

It is a very common thing in pregnancy so take a deep breath and relax cuz all is fine and will be fine!!
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