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Pregnant Belly

I am 15 or 16 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby. I have hips and the old wives tale is that I'm carrying my baby low in my hips. I asked my doctor and he said the same thing but gosh to me he's just guessing. I have no stomach and I am scarred out of my mind!!!! Shouldnt I be showing by now?
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Not necessarily- I have a girlfriend who is in her 19th week and her tummy is as flat as a board still. Maybe you are just one of the lucky ones =) My belly has been big since week 8!! This is my 3rd baby. I bet your tummy will just pop out of no where =) Don't worry
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im 14 weeks with my second, dont worry im feeling the same way.. why arent i showing at all yet.. basically its driving me nuts,, except i have this darn bloat baldge  higher on my stomach but nothing lower where baby should be.. i guess advice to both of us..lol be patient and i guess maybe we are lucky.lol bring on the baby bump!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks Ladies!!! I worry myself for nothing. Good Luck to you both!!!
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I am with Tiff I am really bloated so I look big up high, but no actual baby belly yet, but I'm not quite 14 weeks yet.  With my first I really didn't get a belly until i was almost 25 weeks and trust me it will just show up overnight!!
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hello im on baby #4 too! im 17 wks now and look more like i did last pg when i was at 20wks! funnily enough my stomach may be huge but everytime midwife tries to locate it its tucked low down, i think they just like it there LOL
everyone is different and theres one thing i can guarantee you, even if you've escaped the pg bulge now....IT WILL CATCH UP WITH YOU! lol and before you deliver you'll pray for the day you weren't so heavy and bullky ha ha good luck babe xx
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I am only about 8 weeks pregnant but my belly is sticking out a bit,i have a lil belly on me anyway but it seems to be sticking out more at top of my belly,i do think I mite be showin as maybe im having twins,wat does anyone think pls x
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