Well last week my 6yr old was sick all week and before he got sick his cousins at his grandmother's house were. He actually got sick from them while staying there when I had Ryan. The bad thing is on Friday I noticed Ryan getting a little stuffy. Saturday he was having lots of nasal congestion and coughing so I took him to the ER. He tested positive for RSV so the last few days have been scary. We are doing a cool mist humidifier with eucalyptus oil at night, albuterol breathing treatments and keeping his nose suctioned out. I hope he gets better soon but I did learn that apparently you cant trust family to let you know..."hey "such and such" is sick here so you might want to keep the kids home and away from them until they get over it". I mean how hard is that?? I could have asked my cousin to keep my boys while I had Ryan and at least he wouldnt be exposed to crud this early on. I am so worried and irate right now I dont know what to think.
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Oh boy i am so sorry to hear this! I hope he starts feeling better soon that's got to be very scary! They should have definitely said something to you!
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Hope he gets well soon ! I think i would to be so mad if they didnt say nothing like that so im with u on that .
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