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bloody discharge/show

ok so a few months back i had what my midwife said was my show...and they've kept an eye out for infections but everything has been ok...so like a few times ive had a bit more of a discharge streaked with blood and been told its part of the show which can happen in stages or be lost all in one....i hate it when i have a blooody discharge as it makes my heart thump so...and this morning was no exception...i had an early show last pregnancy but nothing after so to get it again so to speak is so wierd and causing a bit of panic! yep even to me who is on baby#4 so has anyone else had more than one bloody discharge incident? ive had 3 days well nights of crampy period pains and next to no sleep and my midwife says im just preping for birth and it could still be weeks away!
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with my first child i had my show a month before i had him and it wasn't all at one time . With the other children it was all at once. With this one i am waiting and can't wait. I hope your pains and cramping means your little one will be w you soon. Good Luck and Congratulations
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so this morning i lost my mucus plug...apparently this is ok and differernt from the show which  can happen often and in varying degrees and is described as bloody/streaked mucus where as the plug is a biggish blob of mucus which falls away when you start dilating, many dont ever see it but if you peer at everything like me you spot it...ive never seen it with my previous pregnancies so i was surprised when i saw it this morning...it can mean things are gettting ready but ive researched and apparently i can still have a week left or a few hours...so only time will tell x
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I lost my mucus plug 5 days ago. I was hoping it meant baby time but no such luck yet. Still only dilated to 1 cm.
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its so frustrating...if only there were more positive signs...i keep getting contractions which go on for hours and i time then and everything..having had 3 already i know contrcations and remember them..when you've had one you remember but geez they stop and then nothing!!!!
im waiting for my waters now that can't be ignored and is the most positive sign i can think of!...
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