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okay ladies.. honestly.. how much are we exercising? ;)

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i am definitely not exercising as much as i would like.. i walk and take stairs alot, but really want to get back into strength training and doing the stationary bike and more yoga..
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I enjoy walking and things like that, but I am still so tired that I don't do nearly as much as I should.  I have also thought about getting into a prenatal yoga class or atleast buying a video to do it at home, but haven't gotten around to it yet.  So all in all so far I'm a lazy bum!
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I just got to a point where I don't want to go back to sleep right after I wake up (14 weeks).  But I do have a gym membership & WILL GET BACK IN THERE!
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I just got back doing so walking- runnig and swimming i do it now like 4 times a week but i cant do more then 40 minutes i feel like i dont do anything comper to what i eat and comper to what i did befor . I try yoga but is to slow for me i need speed but i freak i will meart the baby some how . Well soon i will try some danceing or staff like that maybe helps
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I have been so tired that I havent done much at all except for some walking and taking the stairs at work. I am getting my energy back though and want to start doing alot more =)
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I have suffered alot with back pain and bleeding through this pregnant so not enough exercise or even walking.  I am just starting to feel less tired now too, which is good.  Hopefully I can start some swimming next week now the bleeding has tailed off.
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Can I consider chasing a toddler exercise? :)
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the thought is there........ but i'm too tired to act on it lol bad i know!!
i do alot of walking at work tho..and i really dont get to sit at home until after 7pm..
im constantly moving, but that's not really excercise is it??

i have been think about swimming ALOT, and i think that im gonna do that this winter as i will be at my biggest and you cant do any outdoor activity in winnipeg...
-50 weather is jammies, blankets, and movie weather, not jogging or walking weather..
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Honestly not exercising nearly enough. I'm going for walks and that is about it. I need to get it together and start exercising more.
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I am just walking... wherever I can. I heard 30 mins of walking per day is enough exercise... I am walking much more than that. I will probably start some back strenghtening exercises soon. I am trying to keep up with the regular daily activities and not sleep or watch tv all day. I think I am doing something right coz I didn't gain too much during these 4 months (just 3 kg which is considered normal). Thing is I wasn't exercising much before pregnancy either (just some Pilates once in a while) but now I get really tired really fast and if I don't take breaks I start feeling pain in my lower back even from walking!
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