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membrane sweeps

ok so yesturday my consultant gave me a vigourous membrane sweep, now for those of you who dont know what one of these is, its where they insert two fingers and vigourously sweep around the top of your cervix in the hope of pulling the cervix off the membrane and thus kick starting labour...i was told to expect some bleeding and pain like BH or contractions signifying that it was doing its job and softening the cervix and encouraging it to open...well i had the contractions about every 20-mins or so...(see my journal) however they didnt last long 30 secs on average with the odd one lasting 40-45 secs, i was told to move about and walk, which i did til about 11pm when i was so tired i had to stop...ive had no bleeding, but tons of mucus as usual...so if anyone has had a sweep, knows if you are supposed to bleed (my consultant said i might but i forgot to ask what it meant if you don't) and knows any more info on this procedure id love to hear from you xx
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I wouldn't worry about the fact that you aren't bleeding. I have never had a sweep done, but the contractions are promising so I would just try to keep them going.  When I was pregnant with my daughter the only time I had any bleeding was after I got checked at my last Dr.s appt and was 4 cm.  Then even when I was in active labor I didn't have any bleeding until a nurse checked me and I was 7 cm.  I know a lot of ladies in the pregnancy 18-35 page have gone through this so I would post over there and see if they have any advice.  Good luck and hopefully everything picks up soon!
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my membrane sweep kicked in and within 24 hours i was in labour, i  didnt bleed until my waters broke...Taylor Rose was born on tues 22. feb. 2011
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congrats momma! How exciting!
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i had a sweep done today, really hoping it works or at least helps things along.. it is exciting to know it worked for natashajay!
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