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nearly cooked

so its not long now girls before we get to hold our little babies and ive taken to nesting...i can't say ive ever done it with my other children but maybe i did and just can't rremember...ive completly gone off all hot drinks now and im into eating popcorn...which for me is a little strange, ive also reached that waddling stage and the ive just about had enough stage.
its very strange to say that im feeling fed up with pregnancy now after all we all knew it'd take 9 whole months but i do have a sort of urgency to get on with this now, like my body knows and is getting into gear its very wierd...does anyone else have anyhting `wierd` sort of happening of feelings like me?
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Yes! Feeling the same way. I'm in heavy nesting mode and I keep telling my husband I'm nesting and he doesn't have a clue. I was on bedrest weeks 24-34 so now I feel like I have so much to do and I have these bursts of energy where I need to get things done and then I'm exhausted again. Not too much longer to go. You are 35 weeks as well right???
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I feel the same way...at least the nesting part. I am going crazy trying to get everything done and feel like I dont have the time to do it. I am driving my family crazy cuz when I go nuts I generally point them in the same direction...LOL!! We got new furniture and I cant seem to get it arranged the way I want and am driving poor hubby nuts. I have washed so many clothes in the last few days my utility bill is going to be outrageous and that is only the half of it. Then last two days I had to slow down cuz I have been super sick and will have to make up for time today...I AM SOOOO TIRED!

Food....well other than knowing I have to eat it...I really am not interested in actually eating. I had no morning sickness but apparently I am having plenty of end-of-pregnancy sickness   =(
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I am just feeling sooooo ready to have her. I wish it was time so bad. I am almost fully prepared now with everything we need for her. Still waiting on a dresser for our nursery to put her clothes in. We are getting it as a gift- just not sure when.
I have been a full-time waddler now for the last few weeks. I know it looks ridiculous but what can ya do??
As far as food most of the time it just feels like I don't have the room for it but I am trying to still enjoy it as much as possible.
The end is near for all of us. I can't wait to start seeing baby pics on here instead of belly pics hehe =)
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princessjam: im 36 weeks now...tho i wish i were more so it'd be over sooner...all this waiting! ahh the frustration for you must be terrible after all that resting, luckily (or not) i was only rested for a few weeks i cant imagine anything longer...

spiritwolf31: ive had some of that end of pregnancy sickness too...phew glad its not just me! ive also taken to drinking a tablespoon rather than a few teaspoons of gaviscon just before i goto bed...urgh its so hard these last few weeks, ive nested so much that i too am sooo tired today and sleeping only about an hour or two max each night doesnt help...its good to know im not alone xxx

rbohl01: i know im desperate to have my bundle too, i keep willing her out, im trying everything during my quiet periods of self hypnosis in prep for the birth i keep saying come on waters break or just dilate lets get things moving...i even talk to her saying `dont you want to come out and meet mummy?` the end may be near but its almost like its too far for me to waddle to :)
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Well I am currently 33 weeks and I started nesting before being put on bedrest.  I am having a really hard time resting because I really want to get things done.  I feel like I need to eat constantly.  I guess my little man is low enough he isn't squishing my stomach and keeping me from eating :)  I've started to have some swelling which I'm guessing is a mixture of just being pregnant and the medicine I am on right now.  It isn't terrible, but I am guessing it's just going to get worse.  I had my last progesterone injection yesterday and it will be in my system for a week.  My Dr. seems to think that baby will be coming shortly after it wears off, but I'm not convinced.  My husband and I have been guessing days and I had originally picked the Feb 16th and he picked March 3rd.  I'm thinking baby will be here closer to his guess.  I'm having a lot of pelvic pain, but I've been having that since about 20 weeks.  Still having contractions like crazy despite the yucky medicine and they seem to be getting stronger as the days go by.  I'm just along for the ride these days, but I'm getting a bit anxious like everyone else.  It'll be over soon and then we'll be missing our baby bumps!
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I'm so anxious for my due date to be here, as well! Dr appt today went well... Blood pressure good, no weight gain, but I'm figuring that was due to me having the stomach flu 1 week 1/2 weeks ago. Dr said baby is measuring a week ahead! This makes me happy since a lot of people are telling me that I am small and are wondering if the dr's say the baby is small, too... This has kind of got to me, but now the dr reassured me the measuring tape doesn't lie and I am small because it's my first baby and all women carry differently.

I have been having some sharp pains down low in my vagina, not sure if it's just the baby's head putting pressure there, or if I am dilating or effacing?? Dr said i will get an internal at 36 weeks, so I guess I will find out then!! Can't wait for March to get here :)
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wow ive had pain below too..i also get something which feels like baby is scratching the otherside of my cervix, im sure baby isnt...at least i hope not but thats the only way i can describe it.x
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I am just sooooo ready to have my angel!!! I have had the waddling for about a month now. I am dialated 2 cent now and she has dropped a little but is taking her time. I am 37 weeks now. I also want to sleep all the time but i am still working and am tired all the time. The night is worse for me besides using the bathroom all the time i can't get comfortable and when i move its like i can actually feel the baby's head. I just wish that day would come!!!!
Good Luck to all of us!!!
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I have those pains too and I keep telling my hubby that he is trying to dig his way out because I have no other way to describe it :)
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