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Anyone experiencing new bone growth with Mastocytosis or MCAS?

I am almost certain after about 8 months (although, the more i learn about the symptoms, i realize many symptoms ive had my whole life) of suffering with a plethora of generalized symptoms and doctors trying to tell me it is in my head, that I am experiencing either MCAS or mastocytosis. I have one symptom that is particularly distressing. I am having what, in the beginning, were hard "knobs" appearing around my joints accompanied by joint pain. The "knobs" would appear on top of bone, cartilage, and tendons. Eventually, these "knobs" changed into whole areas, on top of bone, that became hardened and were protruding out of my skin. My elbow now looks like a knee, as odd as that may sound. It is almost as if there is new bone growth. I have seen numerous doctors and a rheumatologist who was perplexed by this. The rheumatologist even said himself that it looked as if it was new bone growth but he had no explanation for how or why this could occur. I have done hours of online research and I was able to find only one sentence referring to my situation. It was in an article written by Dr. Lawrence Afrin. The sentence reads, "Bones affected by mastocytosis may become softened (osteoporosis) and deteriorate, although some new bone growth may occur with thickening of the outer portions or spongy inner areas of the bones." I have searched and searched for others experiencing the same phenomenon, but to no avail. Not even in the many forums created by patients of these mast cell diseases. I decided to try and post in one and see if anyone has been experiencing something similar.
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