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Cause of Urticaria Outbreak

Just wondering if anyone else has had outbreaks of this painful, itchy rash that looks like someone has clawed your back, chest, neck.  My husband had his first outbreak a couple of years ago after eating lobster.  I did some research and found that the lobster had most likely been sprayed with sulfides.  Another outbreak about a year later was most likely caused by eating some dried fruits.  Dried fruits also contain sulfides.  This time the outbreak was caused by eating too much soy sauce.  I looked at the bottle and found it contains Sodium Benzoate.  Maybe Avoiding some of these foods that contain these chemicals such as sulfides and sodium benzoate will help some of you with this condition.  Also avoiding eating food from salad bars is a good idea because they spray the vegetables with sulfides to keep them fresh longer.  If any of you have any other ideas that may trigger Urticaria please let us know.
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my son has UP he has had it since he was 2 weeks old and is now 3. From what the doctors have told us everyone with this has different triggers. No UP is the same it effects everyone has it differently he will just have to figure out what triggers his flair ups and stay away from it. My son's are extreme weather. So if he gets too hot or too cold he breaks out from head to toe.
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nice information. thank you for sharing it.

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