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tryptase levels

Unexpected loss of weight and over-sensitivity to alcohol were reason to visit a doctor.
Blood tests were normal except tryptase level of 24 ng/ml.
This result could possibly indicate mastocytosis.
Since then yearly check of liver and bone-marrow functions in the blood.
Only problem (?) is tryptase level gradually rising to 34ng/ml in 4 years.
Weight has stabilized. I dont drink alcohol any more.
General health condition is ok, so there is no reason for unpleasant diagnostics.
This condition seems rather exceptional. Would like to know if it is recognized by anyone.
(Male over 65, BMI 20)
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Hi, do you flush fiercely from niacin?
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I know this is an old post but I may have Systemic Mastocytosis .  If you ever are around I will tell you what I know . My Tryptase  has been different everytime as low as 26 and as high as 32 . Both are still low from what the Dr. tells me People who have this blood disorder typically have levels in the 100s ..
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