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10 yr old, daily nausea, on Zantac....

Posted By Kathy D. on January 02, 1999 at 21:12:47:

10 yr. old daughter diagnosed 3 yrs ago with reflux (after scope) was
put on Zantac and Propulsid to which she responded well.
Last year symptoms returned and did not respond to same meds.  Testing
showed her to be lactose intollerant (although no gas, diarrhea) She was
advised to take Lactaid with EVERY meal, snack, etc.  Symptoms gradually
improved, although not sure if it was due to Lactaid????
Symptoms returned a month ago, daily nausea, starts suddenly and stops
suddenly.  Pain in upper chest.  Sometimes wakes at night, but usually
during day (morning and early evening)  Bed elevated.  Avoid sodas,
chocolate, and spicy foods.  Has been on Zantac for two weeks (1 tsp.
2X a day) with slight improvement.  I am extremely hesitant to put her
back on Propulsid, due to family heartbeat irregularities.
Is Zantac dosage appropriate for 55 lb.?  After 2 wk. on Zantac, should
dramatic improvement be seen?  Are we on the right track assuming this
is reflux again?
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