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4 year old with strong Cremasteric Reflex

  My son has been diagnosed with a strong Cremasteric Reflex, or Migratory Testies.  I'm wondering if this condition will have an effect on his fertility.
  Any comments will be greatly appreciated.
dear lindsay ;
Thank you for your question
Let me begin with a brief description of the cremasteric reflex .
When stroking the inner aspect of the thigh , the cremasteric muscle will contract pulling the testicle on the same side upward and usually out of the scrotum . The testicle ends up back in the scrotum as soon as the reflex ends and the muscle relaxes.
Some children tend to have stronger reflexes than others . It's just like some have stronger knee jerks than others.
If the testicle is descended in the scrotum without stimulating the cremasteric reflex , there should be no effect on fertility .
Disclaimer ; This information is for academic purposes only .
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