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4 yr. old with large red seeping rash after immunizations...

     My 4 year old daughter had her round of immunizations approximately
  1 1/2 weeks ago.  She received the whole series appropiate for her age range.
  She did receive the DTaP instead of the DTP because of a severe reaction
  involving a fever of 105F. and seizures when she received her shots around
  the two year mark.
     This time she had no reaction like described above, but she does have
  about 14 red, raised, seeping, rash-like, sores all centered around her
  upper left trunk, near her armpit.  She is displaying no other symptoms
  and she did not have a reaction of any other sort.  Is this a normal
  reaction, or should I be concerned?  I appreciate any time involved in
  responding to this post.
  Thank you,

Dear Laurel :
Thank you for your question.
The appearance of this rash maybe coincidental at this point . It is known that DTP vaccine has been associated with some adverse reactions , the common ones include high fever , induration , redness at the site of injection , drowziness , fretfulness ,vomiting and crying. These adverse reactions tend to subside spontaneously with no sequale and are not considered contraindications to subsequent vaccinations. DTaP has considerably reduced those adverse effects.
Allergic reactions are very rare , and anaphylaxis is one of the rarest forms of allergy due to the pertussis vaccine. Hives have also been considered as an allergic reaction but tend to show up within minutes after the vaccine administration. Some appear later but again in the form of hives rather than oozing lesions .
It's best to have her doctor take a look at these lesions . It's tough to identify them from a written description , but with seeping sores , the possibility of Varicella zoster ( localized reactivation of chicken pox if she has had them before or to the varicella vaccine if she received that vaccine with her last immunization is a possibility ) . Treatment is symptomatic to relieve the pain associated with the sores.
Other causes not related to immunizations include an allergic atopic or contact dermatitis , or a bullous impetigo ( which is a local bacterial infection ) . Both require a prescription medication based on your physician's recommendation.
Thank you again and hope to hear from you soon.
Disclaimer : this information is posted for educational purposes only.
Keywords : (adverse effects)to immunizations*( General Pediatrics),Varicella zoster*( Dermatology)

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